Chris Chedgey

Chris holds an MSc. from Trinity College Dublin, and has 28 years’ experience in Software Engineering, on both the process and product sides of development. After graduation he worked as a researcher in tools to support the application of formal methods to the development of software. He joined the $1bn Canadian Space Station Project in 1990 where he was a member of the team that defined the software development processes and tools for the program, and then technical lead on the Remote Manipulator System control software. In 1994 he joined the $1.5bn Iris program which replaced the entire communications systems for the Canadian armed forces, first on the process/toolsmithing side, and then the product development side. In 2000 he returned to Ireland and founded Headway Software to address the lack of large-scale modularity that he saw as pervasive in software industry. For 12 years Chris has designed tools such as Restructure101 for retrofitting a modular structure to large tangled code-bases, and Structure101 for the definition, communication, and enforcement of architecture. These tools are characterized by major advances in visualization technology, Chris’s passion. Today he helps organizations that need to restructure their code-bases, and is a lively speaker on the need for modularity, and the strategies to refactor in the large. He lives on the south coast of Ireland, where he likes to sail when it’s windy, and walk the dog when it’s not.